Gold IRA Retirement Plans

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Types of Retirement Plans

Figuring out how to invest your money for retirement can be difficult because there are so many different account types, but it’s best if you have an employer-sponsored plan. If not and you’re single, married or a small business owner with no other savings options available then IRAs might just work the way for your long term investment goals. They come in various forms that range from pure physical gold bullion (or any precious metal) all the way up to stocks and bonds; this makes them applicable across pretty much every situation imaginable!

Traditional IRA

Traditional IRAs are a type of retirement savings account that allows your money to grow at an accelerated rate. Withdrawals from the traditional IRA come with age-based tax penalties, but if you plan ahead and save more now, then it will be worth far greater in the future. If you’re enrolled in a separate employer sponsored retirement plan through work like pensions or 401(k)s for example (which most Americans do), then contributions can’t qualify as “deductible” on their taxes since they’ve already been taxed by that other company’s plans up front during those years – which is why these sorts of accounts are often referred to as pre-tax income when compared against taxable earnings from working jobs throughout life while funding them both.

Roth IRA

If you’re at the age of 59 1/2, a Roth IRA account is an excellent investment vehicle for your down time. The tax-free characteristic outweighs traditional IRAs in some cases and can offer more flexibility to withdraw money without getting penalized. There are also other advantages such as not having to make withdrawals each year if desired or being able to invest in stocks, mutual funds, CDs and Money Market Accounts all with one account!

Rollover IRA

You may be able to set up a rollover IRA through your bank or brokerage firm if you no longer work for an employer and have money in their 401(k) plan. The contributions are limitless, allowing any amount of the account balance from the old retirement account to be transferred into it.

Imagine a 401K in which you are able to transfer your money from one account to the other. With this ability, if ever you no longer work for that employer and would like to move all or part of your retirement fund into another type of IRA plan – such as an individual self-directed Roth IRA – then with rollover IRAs it is entirely possible!

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