US residents can now explore the benefits of a gold retirement account in times where stocks and bonds may not be enough.

The world is changing, so it’s important to have options when staying afloat financially becomes difficult on you or your family.

The recent economic crisis has left people wondering what to do with their money. Gold is a valuable investment, and it can also be an easy way for average citizens like you to protect themselves from the volatile markets of today. The recent chain of events points to a potential global economic disaster, but investors can protect their wealth with diversified investments. To do so one should consider including gold in retirement accounts that are tax-deferred.

With all of the uncertainty in today’s economy, many people are looking for ways to protect their retirement. More than 101,879 have already looked into what a gold IRA can do and it takes less then one minute to find out if you’re eligible or not!

Tax Advantage of a Gold IRA

The IRS tax code (408-m3) has a little known section that allows you to put REAL gold and silver in a Precious Metals IRA. The advantages of this type of account are significant because the value will not be affected by inflation, currency fluctuations, or other economic factors.

A recently discovered provision within the Internal Revenue Code (IRS 408-M3) opened up an opportunity for people who want to invest their money with real assets but remain in compliance with all government regulations. This is one way individuals can protect themselves from potential consequences associated with investing funds outside these new guidelines; any amount invested into hard metals like GOLD & SILVER cannot fluctuate due to changes on foreign exchange rates as well as being exempt from taxation

Gold is a precious metal with an extended history of value. It’s been used as currency for millennia, and today it protects you from the devaluing power of government fiat currencies like dollars or euros by acting as both savings account AND inflation hedge. Gold has outperformed stocks six times in 18 years—and gold will ALWAYS be worth something even if there’s an economic collapse!