Self Directed

The Self Directed IRA:

A Self-Directed IRA is like a savings account for your retirement, but you get to decide what goes into it. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! You can invest in anything from real estate and cryptocurrencies right down to the latest tech stocks or even that new gourmet burger joint on Main Street – provided they are legal investments of course. And while many people may think this sounds risky, with an independent advisor guiding you through every step along the way there’s no reason why investing should come at such high risk when self-directed IRAs offer so much more peace of mind than other investment vehicles which typically rely heavily on brokers’ advice alone.

Investing in a SDIRA is an important decision, and one that you may be hesitant to make at first. There are many factors to keep in mind when investing your money for the future: how much risk am I willing or not willing to take? How long do I want my investment horizon until retirement? What types of assets will produce adequate returns with minimal volatility during this time period? The questions go on and on. So today we’re going over some alternatives outside typical stocks, bonds, real estate options such as precious metals and cryptocurrencies!

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